News drip: More news reports on circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythm disorders are far more common than most people realize.

SHC has captured some great links since it reported on the circadian rhythms last month.

water-drippingSHC has captured some great links since it reported on the circadian rhythms and sleep last month.

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders

APR 27 || Modasta
What is circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorder?

APR 22 || Saudi Gazette
Have Trouble Sleeping? You May Have DSPS

APR 20 ||
Study finds link between circadian variations in body temperature and arousal in brain-injured patients

APR 13 ||
Shift work sleep disorder support group

Ongoing || Circadian Sleep Disorders Network
Niteowl Forum for those with Delayed Sleep Phase and other circadian rhythm sleep disorders

Circadian Rhythm Biology & Research

APR 27 || Fierce Biotech
Brown team enlists worms to link sleep duration to epigenetic tags

APR 21 || American Sleep Association
Body Temperature, Sleep, and the Circadian Rhythm

APR 19 || Journal of Neuroscience
Sleep Deprivation and Caffeine Treatment Potentiate Photic Resetting of the Master Circadian Clock in a Diurnal Rodent

APR 18 || Medical News Today
New cells found in the retina, paving way for jet lag therapy

APR 18 || Sleep Review
Insecticides That Mimic Melatonin Can Affect Sleeping Patterns

APR 12 ||
Artificial Light Exposure and Circadian Rhythm

MAR 31 || Endocrine Society
Prolonged Sleep Disturbance Can Lead to Lower Bone Formation

Circadian Rhythm Management

APR 24 || Nerdist
Take your first step to becoming a cyberman with this human charger

APR 21 || Psychology Today
Need a Midday Energy Boost? Skip the Caffeine, Take a Walk

APR 19 || Kentucky Forward
Beshear urges Kentuckians to file claims on company’s sleep disorder drug settlement

APR 8 || Forbes
5 Ways You’re Wrecking Your Sleep Schedule And How To Stop

APR 7 || EMS World
Research Findings Call for Mandated Fatigue Risk Management for EMS Providers

APR 3 || Standard of Care

MAR 28 || Sound Sleep Health
7 Tips for Night Shift Weight Loss

No date|| Johns Hopkins Medicine
How to Sleep Well Despite Changes in Your Schedule

Circadian Rhythms across the Lifespan

APR 21 || Psychiatric Times
Delayed Sleep Wake Phase Disorder in Adolescents: Chronotherapy and Best Practices

APR 21 || Sleep Junkies
Co-Sleeping and Breastfeeding: How to Avoid Sleep Deprivation

APR 20 || Business Insider
What a sleep scientist says you should do if you and your partner have different body clocks

APR 17 || Sleep Review
Early School Starts Pit Teens in Conflict Between Society, Biology

APR 13 || Quartz
New research says starting university classes at 11am or later would improve learning

APR 12 || The Atlantic
How School Start Times Affect High-School Athletics

APR 12 || Bluff Country Reader
New LED lighting at Gundersen Tweeten helps residents’ circadian rhythm, health

APR 4 || USA Today High School Sports
Why sleep needs to be a serious part of your recruiting routine


APR 13 ||
Being a “Night Owl” is Genetic

APR 11 || Wall Street Journal
Are Night Owls Better Off Changing Their Sleep Patterns to Be Healthier?

APR 7 || My Sleep Coach
Do morning people have more effective workouts?

APR 7 || Today
Some night owls have ‘perpetual jet lag’, new study shows

APR 5 || American Sleep Association
Depression Linked to Diabetics Who Prefer Later Sleep-Wake Times

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