News drip: More links connecting sleep with mood, mental, mind and memory

Sleep health has a direct impact on the way we concentrate and focus, feel and express emotion, and process and recall information.

Sleep is often overlooked when we look at problems with mood swings, mental illness, cognitive problems, and memory loss… but it should be the first thing we investigate.

water-drippingIn May, SHC continues to find great links on the subject of “the 4 Ms of sleep” since it reported on them in April.


MAY 26 ||
Postpartum depression is real, though not often recognised

MAY 24 || MedPage Today
Treating Sleep Problems May Ease Depression

MAY 24 || Sleep Review
Nearly a Quarter of Patients Say Mechanical Heart Valve Disturbs Sleep

MAY 22 || PLoS One
Associations between quality of life, physical activity, worry, depression and insomnia: A cross-sectional designed study in healthy pregnant women

MAY 21 || Illawarra Mercury
‘I thought I was losing my brain’: What made Larah so anxious

MAY 20 || The Good Men Project
Getting Real About Insomnia, Depression, and Anxiety

MAY 17 || The Mighty
How My Postpartum Depression Changed What Motherhood Was ‘Supposed’ to Be

MAY 15 || NPR
Stressed-Out High Schoolers Advised To Try A Nap Pod

MAY 11 || The Conversation
There’s a strong link between anxiety and depression, and sleep problems, and it goes both ways

MAY 9 || WorldNews
Top Ways to Fall Asleep When Your Mind is Racing about Work




MAY 26 || The Good Men Project
How to Improve Your Working Memory and Regain Focus

MAY 26 || The Sleep Site
Does lack of sleep cause Alzheimer’s disease?

MAY 24 || Science Daily
Short and long sleep, and sleep disturbances associated with increased risk of dementia and lung cancer

MAY 23 || New Scientist
The brain starts to eat itself after chronic sleep deprivation

MAY 19 || Times Record
Family Caregiving: Dealing with memory loss

MAY 18 || Newsday
Alzheimer’s and sleep loss: Researching the link

MAY 17 || Science Daily
Finding traces of memory processing during sleep

MAY 11 || KDRV
5 Ways You’re Putting Yourself at Risk For Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

MAY 10 || Futurity
Sync pink noise with brain to get better deep sleep

MAY 2 ||
Deep Sleep – Gateway to Longevity?


Mental Health

MAY 30 || Consumer Health Digest
A Day in the Life of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Patient

MAY 26 || BMC Psychiatry
Sleep characteristics in child and adolescent offspring of parents with bipolar disorder: a case control study

MAY 26 ||
Chronic sleep deprivation increases risk of neurological disorders

MAY 23 || Neurocore
10 Facts You Might Not Know About Sleep and Mental Health

MAY 18 || CBC News
Legislation must change for workplace PTSD, says Yukon flight nurse

MAY 16 || Today
PTSD affects 1 in 11 new moms… so why don’t we hear more about it?

MAY 15 || Eagle-Tribune
Elder Q&A: Change in sleep patterns could be cause for concern

MAY 7 || The Independent
How a ‘sleep faster, do more’ culture in startups is threatening mental health

MAY 5 || Daily Mail
The five signs your mental health is under strain and why you should not ignore them

MAY 1 || Wales Online
Veteran crippled by PTSD fears the condition may have claimed up to six lives in his regiment


Mind & Mindfulness

MAY 25 || Red Orbit
Researchers discover why disturbed sleep hampers learning

MAY 24 || Daily Mail
The dangers of meditation: It can actually lead to insomnia, fear and hypersensitivity to light

MAY 16 || Sleep Review
Nonprescription Use of Ritalin Linked to Sleep Disruption

MAY 15 || Chatelaine
Trying to ‘catch up’ on sleep hurts your creativity, says study

MAY 15 || Huffington Post
Sleep Your Way To An A

MAY 15 || The Star
New York’s Benjamin Hotel introduces on-demand meditation

MAY 10 || Channel NewsAsia
A big difference in students, after Nanyang Girls starts school later at 8.15am

MAY 10 || Sleep Review
Need Better Sleep? Consider the Cognitive Shuffle

MAY 9 || Missoulian
Missoulian editorial: 8:30 am is early enough: Support later start time for Missoula high schools

MAY 1 || University of Southern California
As final exams approach, here are things you can do to make it through in top shape

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