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So you’ve had a sleep study, determined you have OSA, tried CPAP, but couldn’t tolerate it, maybe you’ve even tried an oral device and didn’t stick with it. What else can you do?

The FDA recently approved a new implant that stimulates the nerves in the upper airway in order to keep the tissue “patent,” or firm, so that it won’t collapse while you sleep.

This could be a revolutionary new treatment for stubborn OSA for those people who cannot tolerate the CPAP and upper airway devices currently on the market.

University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Ohio and WellStar Paulding Hospital in Georgia are the only hospitals in the U.S. to offer this new procedure. They hope it can successfully address the needs of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea patients who have not been able to adapt to traditional treatments such as CPAP.

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From the FDA website:


From Dr. Eric J. Kezirian, USC Otolaryngology

From the manufacturer, Inspire Medical Systems

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