Monday Morning Coffee becomes the 3pm Decaf Drip for July 24, 2017

Our ten favorite links related to sleep health for the last week.

We’ve vetted last week’s sleep news so you don’t have to. Happy Monday!

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Monday mornings are rough even for the curator of SHC… so sometimes the Monday Morning Coffee segment becomes the 3pm Decaf Drip!

Today, SHC offers a list of 10 recent news links (in no special order), with a cup of decaf!

If you have thoughts about any of these news headlines, feel free to share them in the comments below! We love to hear from readers! Cheers and have a great week.—The Curator


Dateline: July 23, 2017, from Sleep Junkies

How to nap the right way… and bounce back

[M]missing out on zzzz’s doesn’t mean we have to endure drowsiness and lack of energy through the day. There’s a simple, easy solution… Take a nap!(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 23, 2017, from American Sleep Apnea Association

Not your ordinary midnight snack: Sleep eating disorders

Welcome to the world of sleep eating: Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorders (NS-RED) and Night Eating Syndrome (NES).(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 21, 2017, from Restonic

Top 7 Sleep-Inducing Podcasts You’ve Just GOT to Hear!

If you’re sleepless and restless, give these purposely boring podcasts a try—the equivalent of a glass of warm milk and your mom reading you a bedtime story.(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 21, 2017, from Dr. Steven Park

7 Most Common Objections to Using CPAP

I’ve successfully treated tens of thousands of CPAP users, and I hear about 20 of the same objections all the time. Here is a video where I reveals how you can overcome  7 of the most common objections.(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 19, 2017, from Wiley via Science News

The dangers of driving after restricted sleep and moderate alcohol intake

In a recent study, combining moderate alcohol consumption (within legal limits for driving) and moderate sleep restriction led to greater drowsiness and increased deficits in attention, compared with either sleep restriction or alcohol intake alone.(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 17, 2017, from The Mighty

How My Narcolepsy Is Like a Covert Agent

Narcolepsy is like a covert agent… a skilled one… like Jason Bourne skilled. As a matter of fact, for me narcolepsy was so skilled that it would launch sneak attacks at the most inopportune times, and I’d never see it coming!(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 21, 2017, from American Thoracic Society via Science Daily

Sleep disorders may increase cognitive problems particularly in those at risk for Alzheimer’s

People who carry a genetic susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease appear to be at greater risk of diminished cognition from sleep-disordered breathing than those without the susceptibility, according to new research.(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 18, 2017, from University of Surrey via Science Daily

Urbanization, electricity are not to blame for sleep loss

The sleeping patterns of people from two neighboring communities in Mozambique—the small electrified urban town Milange and the non-electrified rural community Tengua—were the focus of a recent sleep study.(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 18, 2017, from American Sleep Apnea Association

You don’t have to use CPAP to be A.W.A.K.E.

Since A.W.A.K.E. was started, new and compelling research from the CDC and other organizations has shown that America has problems—sometimes dangerous ones—with sleep. Insomniasleep deprivationdrowsy driving, and sleep struggles related to medical conditions are just the tip of the iceberg.(click headline for more)


Dateline: July 18, 2017, from Hypersomnia Foundation

A letter to my health care system about hypersomnia

I was inspired to write a letter to the patient advocate of the health system, and the doctors who treated me, describing my hospital experience. …One problem with the first hospital visit was that there was no one to speak up for me when I could not. (click headline for more)

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