Mid-year shout out to SHC’s top 12 Sleep Health Rock Stars!

SHC picks its dozen most inspiring sleep health influencers

SHC would be remiss were it to overlook the many influences, ideas and inspirations that come daily from these sleep health rock stars.

SHC is actively engaged in social media as a rule… and that’s where we’ve discovered some pretty amazing forces for good in the world of sleep health.

The following Sleep Health Rock Stars comprise SHC’s top 12 favorite social media dynamos. SHC respects and admires these individuals and organizations because they:

  • generously share information about sleep health and disorders
  • provide reliable and accessible information that readers can trust
  • show SHC continued support and encouragement in the social media sector

Because I contribute to the American Sleep Apnea Association as their key blogger and web consultant (see also: SleepHealthApp website, Sleeptember® forum, and SleepHealth.org), and because I also contribute to the American Association of Sleep Technologists blog, I’ll refrain from listing them in my top 12. Obviously, I can’t be impartial otherwise. However, I encourage you to check out their content; you might find some great new sources and leads to follow.

It’s really hard to create a hierarchy for such great efforts, so I’m listing the Sleep Health Rock Stars alphabetically. Thanks again to all of them for their dedication to promoting healthy sleep! It’s my hope that we can collaborate on future projects together.

If you’re a reader, please click these links and follow them wherever they might be lingering on the web.

Patricia Carter RN (Austin, TX)
Nursing Professor at University of Texas and passionate sleep health activist, dedicated to patient education via social channels. Also one of SHC’s longest and most ardent supporters.
Twitter: @carter3236

 Chronobiology (Internet)
Excellent website dedicated to the history, findings and advancements in chronobiology.
Twitter: @ChronobioNews

 Julie Flygare (Los Angeles, CA)
Champion for narcolepsy awareness, founder of Project Sleep, author of Wide Awake and Dreaming, and international speaker.
Twitter: @RemRunner

Hypersomnia Foundation (Atlanta, GA)
This patient-centered nonprofit advocates on the behalf of people with hypersomnia. They provide support, education both the public and healthcare professionals, raise awareness, and fund research for treatments, diagnostic advances, and, ultimately, a cure for hypersomnia.


Dr. Steven Park (Bronx, NY)
Outspoken author and board-certified sleep physician and otolaryngologist who blogs and podcasts about sleep breathing disorders.

Eileen Pelletier (Montreal, Québec)
Creator of Sleepy Kneez™, a pillow that improves knee comfort, eliminates pressure on the lower back and hips, and restores natural alignment. Also one of SHC’s longest and most ardent supporters.
Twitter: @SleepyKneez

Dr. Robert S. Rosenberg (Northern AZ)
Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist, prominent health writer, and a leading expert in sleep disorders, Northern AZ
Twitter: @Answers for Sleep

Sleep Junkies (Internet)
Jeff Mann, Founder and Editor. Mission statement: “To educate, raise awareness and let people know that sleep is not ‘a criminal waste of time,’ it’s a life-giving, life-changing activity, one that makes you fitter, stronger, smarter, happier and healthier.”
Twitter: @Sleep Junkies

Brenda Snow, RN (New Jersey)
Activist nurse navigator for sleep health dedicated to patient education via social channels. Also one of SHC’s longest and most ardent supporters.  

Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine (Redwood City, CA)
Historically significant hub for decades of groundbreaking sleep research and host to many of sleep medicine’s founders.
Twitter: @StanfordSleep

Start School Later/Healthy Hours (Annapolis, MD)
Activist coalition addressing the disconnect between school system schedules and the circadian rhythms and sleep needs of adolescents.

Max Szadek (Englewood, NJ)
Outspoken podcaster, blogger and diabetes activist who hosts Diabetes Late Nite, The Mr. Divabetic Show, and Diva Talk Radio, in tribute to the late Luther Vandross.

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