Memorial Day weekend: Sleep tips and news for travelers

SHC wishes you and your family safe travels this coming Memorial Day weekend!

Be mindful of sleep this coming Memorial Day weekend!

Rest and relaxation during Memorial Day weekend also means dealing with jet lag

In less than a week, many in the US will be packing up and heading out for Memorial Day destinations. Whether by car, boat, train, or plane, many of them will struggle to get adequate quality sleep. Below, SHC shares some great links that cover sleep and travel topics relevant to you, such as jet lag, sleeping on a plane, “outside” time, traveling with CPAP, and unusual travel-related sleep “adventures,” and how to sleep in unfamiliar places.

Jet Lag

MAY 15: My Panhandle
How to beat jet lag with hotel spa treatments
From the curator: Hey, you’re on holiday, you might as well.

MAY 15: New York Magazine
Will Melatonin Help My Jet Lag?
From the curator: Some pretty smart advice on using melatonin to treat jet lag.

MAY 3: The West Australian
Solving jet lag and sleep troubles
From the curator: A pill may someday give relief to travelers on ultralong flights.

MAR 24: Best Travel Deals Tips
How to Avoid Jet Lag
From the curator: This TV travel producer knows a few things about dealing with jet lag.

Sleeping on a plane

MAY 16: The Educational Tourist
You CAN sleep on a plane. It IS possible.
From the curator: Specifically focused on travel with kids.

MAY 15: The Daily Meal
Finally, Airplane Seats Made by a Mattress Company
From the curator: I guess it’s not too much to ask…

APR 14: PopSugar
12 Tips For Sleeping on a Plane Like a Pro
From the curator: This article includes tips for nervous flyers.

JAN 19: Travel Pulse
5 Things That Will Actually Help You Sleep on a Plane
From the curator: I can vouch for these tips myself!

Taking it Outside

MAY 24: Sputnik News
Thousands of Finns Pack Their Sleeping Bags to Admire Mother Nature
From the curator: 15,000 people answered the call to “Sleep Outside” in Scandinavia, and the event was a huge success.

MAY 19: Medical Daily
More Light Throughout The Day And Less During Evening Improves Sleep Quality, Cuts Depression
From the curator: More “outside time” provides a nice circadian reset, which can foil insomnia.

MAY 18: Outside Online
I Slept Outside for a Week and It Changed My Life (Really)
From the curator: Sometimes the people with the worst sleep habits make the best evangelists. This columnist can preach!

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Camping In February Might Help
From the curator: In case you missed it. Lots of people talking about circadian resets last winter.

Traveling with CPAP

APR 26: Sleep Review
ResMed Unveils Travel-size Sleep Apnea Device for Road Warriors
From the curator: This new mini-CPAP, the AirMini, joins three other already in production: The Transcend series, the Z1, and the DreamStation Go (see below).

APR 11: Sleep Review
Philips Launches DreamStation Go Travel CPAP
From the curator: They just keep getting smaller and smaller, which is great… as long as they work and people use them!

MAR 30: Why We Snore
Omaha Woman Learns another Nuisance of CPAP: Lost Luggage
From the curator: Two takeaways here: One, this is a pitch for oral devices (because they are eminently portable), and two, you should never pack your CPAP machine in luggage that you plan to check or stow. A CPAP machine is considered a medical device and should be allowed in addition to your two carry-ons for most trips. No airline will restrict your ability to take it on board with you.

FEB 23: Cheap CPAP Supplies
The Perks of Purchasing a Mini CPAP for On-the-Go
From the curator: Focuses on the Z1, but calls out the many advantages of having a miniature CPAP machine.

Sleep adventures

MAY 22: Travel Weekly
To dream, perchance, of sleep
From the curator: Hoteliers in key locations offer sleep ambassadors to help guests get the best sleep possible.

MAY 6: AsiaOne
Sleeping inside a Mongolian tent
From the curator: More about adventure than about sleep, but that’s okay… this is one for my bucket list, for sure.

MAY 5:
Siesta anyone? Modern new ways to get your winks
From the curator: Nap pods, sleep sessions at gyms, sleeping cafés, personal cocoons and other ways to steal sleep during the day when you aren’t at home.

APR 26: Adventures All Around
Mastering the Art of the Travel Power Nap
From the curator: I have always thought of power naps as a way to get through a busy work day (living, as I do, on deadline clock time), but this blogger makes the case for power naps for travelers.

Sleeping in unfamiliar places

2017: Independent Traveler
33 Ways to Sleep Better at a Hotel
From the curator: This is comprehensive all the way to the planning stages of one’s vacation.

AUG 4, 2016: Reader’s Digest
Here’s Why You Always Sleep Worse on Vacation
From the curator: Ever feel like you need a vacation once you get back from vacation?

JUN 30, 2016: Sound Sleep Health
Why is it hard to fall asleep away from home?
From the curator: There’s an explanation for not finding good sleep on the night of arrival: it’s called “first night effect.”

JUN 23, 2016: Asia One
10 must-read tips for sleeping at airports
From the curator: You haven’t lived fully until you’ve been stuck at an airport overnight and need to find a free and temporary place to sleep.

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