May’s theme: Month-long sleepover!!!

And now for something different...

Oh, to get good sleep and to enjoy it. This month, SHC focuses on how to get good sleep, bedtime stories, weird dreams, pajamas and other fun ways to enjoy and celebrate a good night’s rest.

Slumber Party by Serena (2005) (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tough issues in sleep health are much of what SHC’s focus is all about.

For instance, in 2017, SHC has already covered sleep deprivation in the workplace, drowsy driving, sleep and traumatic brain injury, the dangers of Daylight Saving Time, PTSD and sleep deprivation among the military, and the mental health problems associated with poor sleep.

Sleep is a multifaceted topic, however, and for the month of May SHC plans a looser, more relaxed theme, entitled: 

“Month-long sleepover!”

Which really isn’t a sleepover as much as a chance for SHC to cover the broad array of lighter, more fun topics associated with sleep.

Granted, not everything will be playful, because timely subjects headed your way need to be handled with the care they deserve.

But otherwise, you can look forward to upcoming curations and features that focus on everyday subjects like sleep hygiene, book reviews, sleepwear, weird dreams, sleeping while on vacation, and outdoor activities that facilitate better sleep.

SHC even has a giveaway this month for 10 lucky readers!

break out the fuzzy slippers, it's a month-long sleepover!This “month-long sleepover” allows us to sneak in some good storytelling we haven’t been able to include so far in 2017 that we think you’ll enjoy, as well.

Think of it is tales of sleep told after the lights go out, except without scary monsters, but fuzzy bunnies instead, because who needs more reasons NOT to sleep?

—The Curator

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