Join #TeamWUN for the Boston Marathon and raise narcolepsy awareness and funds for research

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How are you helping to raise funds for sleep disorder research?

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wake up narcolepsy logo boston marathon narcolepsy awarenessNext Monday April 16, the Boston Marathon will draw thousands to its annual event, including a large battery of sleep health activists running to raise awareness for narcolepsy.

The Wake Up Narcolepsy Boston Marathon team (better known as #TeamWUN or “wunners”) has participated for the previous 8 years, dedicated to raising research funds and community awareness for those who struggle with the huge challenges they face as people with narcolepsy.

The curator of SHC supports this effort. (Some readers may already know that for a short time, doctors suspected she had narcolepsy. Ultimately, her extreme daytime sleepiness has been linked to multiple sclerosis and obstructive sleep apnea). If you’d like to join the team, apply here.

From the WUN website comes this stunning information: “Narcolepsy affects 200,000 Americans and many more worldwide and remains a serious, severely misunderstood and misdiagnosed medical disorder in desperate need of funding for research. Supporting the runners will enable Wake Up Narcolepsy to help speed narcolepsy diagnosis through greater awareness and provide research funds for improved treatment, prevention and a cure.”

They’ve raised over $40,000 so far this year, but that is barely enough to fund even one decent study. Please consider contributing in some way to help those with narcolepsy have a brighter future. Donate to the Wake Up Narcolepsy 2018 Boston Marathon Team.

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