Sleep News Weekly || Oct 27, 2017: Sleep for special needs kids, the vicious cycle of insomnia and sleeping pills, more

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Life-saving baby boxes prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS); deviated septum causes and symptoms; the vicious cycle of insomnia and sleeping pills; Trump might worsen your seasonal affective disorder (SAD); and more about how America (and the world) sleeps.

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Dateline: October 21, 2017 from Sleep Hub (Australia)

Sleep in Special Needs Children (podcast)

Children with severe developmental disabilities or autism often have difficulty with sleep which can not only impact on their sleep, but affect the whole family.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 20, 2017 from The Cut

A Sleep Scientist on the Vicious Cycle of Insomnia and Sleeping Pills

Walker explores the latest scientific research to show the unfortunate truth about sleeping pills: They don’t work as well as we wish they did. Sleep medications don’t deliver the same restorative benefits as natural sleep, and even though people who take them often swear by them, the research suggests that the drugs don’t tend to increase sleep quality beyond placebos. Currently, Walker says, the best available treatment method for combating chronic sleeplessness is not pharmacological at all; it’s psychological.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: October 27, 2017 from Times-Ledger

Cuomo sign Simotas’ bill to provide life-saving baby boxes to new parents

New parents will be getting life-saving “baby boxes” now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill sponsored by state Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas (D-Astoria) to reduce infant mortality from asphyxiation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 26, 2017 from The Eagle (American University)

Staff Editorial: Stress is not the benchmark for student success

Too often, students chat over their mutual lack of sleep. Working on several different projects without sleep is inherently damaging, and should not be the expectation.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 24, 2017 from Chicago Business Journal

British Airways makes a big investment in premium cabin sleep wars

British Airways is plunging into the fray in the rapidly-intensifying airline premium cabin sleep wars. …The carrier said today it will begin rolling out new bedding from British retailer The White Co. on its New York-to-London routes starting this week, part of a $500-million investment in upgrading the carrier’s Club World business class product.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 24, 2017 from Sleep Junkies

A bedroom design plan for better sleep

Often, bedrooms are last on the list when it comes to interior design. We pour time and attention into downstairs rooms but neglect the bedroom on the basis that nobody actually sees it apart from us. … This is a mistake. Just because your friends are not privy to your bedroom, it doesn’t mean you should ignore its décor. An untidy, unloved bedroom with peeling wallpaper and stacked high with ironing and junk, is hardly relaxing. In fact, it could be directly responsible for your insomnia!(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 24, 2017 from Stanford Medicine

Upcoming narcolepsy book stars Stanford researchers

Nicholls weaves his own personal tale—which involves a time in Africa when his job was to keep watch for lions, a task he was unquestionably ill-suited for—with the story of the science of narcolepsy, a story in which many major episodes took place right here at Stanford.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 24, 2017 from East Oregonian

The Latest: Tiger Woods’ DUI hearing postponed

The hearing where Tiger Woods is expected to enter a diversion program for intoxicated drivers has been postponed. … The hearing has been moved to Friday [TODAY] instead of Wednesday as originally scheduled. No reason was given for the change.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 20, 2017 from Atlanta Snoring Institute

Deviated Septum Causes and Symptoms to Know About

A deviated septum can lead to difficulty breathing and even a blocked nostril. Loud or noisy breathing, headaches, and facial pain are also common symptoms of a deviated septum. … Obviously, having a deviated septum can lead to poor sleep and a decrease in overall health.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 24, 2017 from Hypersomnia Foundation

Back to Campus and Prepared: Resources for College Students with IH

For the student with IH, there is much more to think about besides settling into your living space, squaring away your class schedule, and arranging campus transportation.” … (click headline for more)



Dateline: October 23, 2017 from Medscape Pulmonary Medicine

Online CBT for Insomnia Also Cuts Paranoia, Hallucinations

The randomized OASIS (Oxford Access for Students Improving Sleep) trial, which included almost 3800 university students with sleep problems, showed that those who received CBT experienced a 50% reduction in insomnia scores at 10 weeks. In addition, they had mean 4- and 2-point score reductions on paranoia and hallucination scales, respectively. These outcomes were all significantly better than outcomes for participants who received usual care.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 24, 2017 from Patient Worthy

New Insomnia Treatment Could Help You With the Zzz’s

Professor [Leon] Lack invented a cutting edge tracking device that could be worn during sleep called THIM. This device trains insomniac’s brains to help them sleep again. Among the other insomnia researchers on the project are Andrew Mair, Master Clinical Psychology Candidate, Flinders University and Dr Jeremy Mercer.(click headline for more)



Dateline: October 23, 2017 from Newsweek

SAD! Trump could make your cold weather depression worse this year

[L]ack of light is often associated with seasonal affective disorder, but stress also influences the onset and progression of SAD, Dr. Norman Rosenthal tells Newsweek. …Basic symptoms of SAD include feeling anxious, depressed or irritable …But unlike most people with typical depression—who may eat less or struggle to fall asleep—people with SAD may sleep more and crave carbohydrates.(click headline for more)



from Step Brothers – “Sleep Walking”


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