#ICYMI: November’s collection of Right to Sleep news

November highlighted the very real civil and human rights issues in SHC’s Right to Sleep News supplement. Not only are the homeless losing sleep while living on the street, but other people are having sleep stolen from them, and many of them are gainfully employed. Veteran status, pollution impacts, undertreated disorders and disabilities, displaced disaster victims, and unsustainable employer demands mark chief reasons why some people are cheated of an opportunity to sleep nearly every night of their lives.

Mood, Mind, Memory, Mental: The 4 Ms and Sleep Health, ICYMI

Right to Sleep News, ICYMI

In November, SHC gave the spotlight to a confounding social problem: the civil and human right to sleep. The problem of having restrictions imposed on one’s sleep aren’t limited to the homeless, by the way. Here’s a recap of Right to Sleep News, #ICYMI (in case you missed it):

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