Got #SLEEP? We’re looking for sleep products to review

SHC is actively pursuing products for review

Sleep products can help empower us to take charge of our poor sleeping habits, improve our sleep hygiene practices, and enhance our sleeping spaces… all good things when insomnia or other sleep disorders are making it difficult at bedtime. SHC is now looking actively for sleep products to review at our website.

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Up until recently, SHC has not actively sought products related to sleep health for reviews.

However, we’ve made a change to that policy.

As a result, SHC is pleased to invite manufacturers and purveyors of sleep-related products to send us any products that we can test or sample and review for the blog.

Sleep-related items we would be interested in reviewing include:

Especially relevant: Please do not send any products meant for human consumption. This means no foods, beverages, medications, herbs and supplements for oral administration. Absolutely no drugs of any kind!

If you don’t find your product listed above, contact SHC directly (see below) to pitch your product.  We cannot promise a review of any product. If we don’t like the product, or find it doesn’t meet our readers’ interests, we simply won’t review it.

Before sending your products, email the curator directly
to make proper arrangements and to get more information.
Please write SHC REVIEWS in the subject line:


The curator (and REM-y!) ♥


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