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The Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress & Anxiety

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The Doctor’s Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress & Anxiety: Combat Stress and Sleep Easier Every Night
©2016, Robert S. Rosenberg, DO FCCP
Fair Winds/Quarto Publishing Group || Beverly, MA
ISBN: 978-1-59233-724-8

160 pp || Trade paperback
$19.99 retail (USD)


What people are saying about this book

“Integrating the science of sleep with the psychology of stress and anxiety, Dr. Rosenberg provides essential information and specific strategies to transform poor stress responses and poor sleep habits into mental resilience, a positive mood, and great sleep.”Nancy Rothstein MBA, The Sleep Ambassador

“This book is easy to read, with strategies for dispelling negative thoughts, visualization techniques for relaxing, guidance for physical activity (including yoga), and nutritional advice to reduce anxiety and support better sleep.”Kim West LCSW-C, author of The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight

Three things SHC likes about this book

Nuts and bolts practicality

Readers get definitions for the problems that plague them as well as tools like this survey to further understand them.

We live in challenging and chaotic times and problems with anxiety and stress are clear obstacles to getting good quality sleep. However, so much advice seems to boil down to “you need to get more and better sleep.”

But how do we do that? Diabetes podcaster Max Szadek asked me this very question recently, and to tell you the truth, there’s no easy, single answer.

However, an entire constellation of practical ideas do exist to achieve this. Unfortunately, other books tend to overthink the challenges or alienate readers with medicalese or research citations “infodumps” in hopes that will motivate ordinary people to change. Those who work in health literacy know better.

Dr. Rosenberg doesn’t leave readers hanging; instead, he offers real-world advice for ways to defeat sleeplessness and the anxiety and stress that cause it. For many who have given up after trying only one approach, this book could turn them around.

This book is forthcoming about stress and anxiety and their impact on sleep.

From root to blossom

Dr. Rosenberg doesn’t shy away from the complex subject of insomnia and its association with stress and anxiety. The roots of poor sleep as well as anxiety and stress are clearly identified in this book to show he understands how many insomniacs find themselves sleepless night after night.

He also delves into what it means to experience these things without judgment. This is no small thing. A person who is suffering is more empowered to help themselves if they feel “heard” and acknowledged by someone who can help them.

Dr. Rosenberg acknowledges the real concerns of people who suffer with insomnia.

Many people I have encountered as a sleep specialist are quite hesitant to even bring up stress, depression, anxiety, or insomnia in a healthcare setting. Why? They are frequently judged as “weak” or “lazy” or “soft” when they do so, whether at home, at work, or at doctor’s visits (unfortunately).

Dr. Rosenberg recognizes their need, not only for advocacy, but for real tools to try. They also need the blossom of hope, and Dr. Rosenberg’s book provides it.

Old ideas, new ideas, and overlooked ideas

I was so pleased to read the following sections of this book because they shine light on what hasn’t yet reached the mainstream:

Sections like this one give the book a useful, hands-on, workbook-style value.

*I can absolutely vouch for the last three practices, having used them in one way or another since 1983.

Bonus feature!

I have already addressed the need to manage stress in this blog based on the significant change in the national psyche since the 2016 election. Nobody is going to get out of this paradigm unscathed without vigilant self care.

Protesters on either side are losing sleep because they feel threatened, they have (legitimate) anxiety, and the additional effort needed to protect ideals they deeply value does, in fact, create a stress load that can take a toll on mental, physical, and emotional health.

The timing of this book seems prescient to me; Americans didn’t become anxious overnight, of course, but we have been building up a shared systemic level of stress at the collective level. It’s no longer something we can tamp down and deny.

Anyone who wants to survive stressful times absolutely needs their sleep to do so. Dr. Rosenberg’s book should be considered required reading for all activists, lobbyists, and politically invested people who want to make change in the world.

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