Dr. Sam “named that dog” REM-y and won a prize!

"Some things are just meant to be." --REM-y

Our mascot, REM-y, wishes to thank Dr. Eugene Sambataro for giving him his newly minted name. The “Name That Dog” contest resulted in dozens of fun name ideas. After careful consideration, the curator opted for REM-y. Thanks to everyone who played along!

Dr. Eugene Sambataro wins Name That Dog contest

Introducing REM-y our newly named mascot!The SHC “Name That Dog” contest ended at midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, January 31, 2018. After reviewing dozens of options, the curator has chosen the winning name: REM-y. He seems to like his new name well enough!

Dr. Eugene Sambataro wins Name That Dog contest

Eugene Sambataro, aka “Dr. Sam”

Dr. Eugene Sambataro of Ellicott City, MD entered the winning name in the “Name That Dog” contest!

He’ll receive the “Insomnia Busters” sleep basket valued at $75 as our thanks for providing our sweet little mascot with the name, “REM”… which instantly converted to “REM-y” every time the curator said it out loud.

Congratulations to Dr. Sambataro!

Runners up in the contest are Jamie Dedes, Peggy King, Josh Leist, and Marsha Wallace.

REM-y says, Thanks for playing!

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