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Dateline: September 25, 2017 from Times Live (South Africa)

South African teens among the world’s grumpiest in the morning

Clinical neurophysiologist Baxolele Ngcemu said teenagers generally suffered from delayed sleep phase disorder‚ particularly after school holidays. …’This is caused by them being allowed to sleep a bit later during the holidays than they normally would during mid-term. This disorder basically means they would have shifted their body clock by a few hours which then makes it difficult for them to be wide awake early in the morning.’(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 27, 2017 from Independent

Third of elderly Americans take sleeping pills amid ‘catastrophic’ and deadly insomnia epidemic

Dr Preeti Malani of Michigan University, who led the new survey, said many elderly people were not seeking advice from doctors partly because they wrongly thought sleeplessness was a natural part of the ageing process. …She stressed that taking some kind of pill was not a long-term solution and could be dangerous. ‘Although sleep problems can happen at any age and for many reasons, they can’t be cured by taking a pill, either prescription, over-the-counter or herbal—no matter what the ads on TV say,’ Dr Malani said.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 28, 2017 from

Booker seeks testing for sleep apnea after NJ Transit crash

Following reports that the engineer of New Jersey Transit train that crashed into Hoboken Terminal suffered from sleep apnea, U.S. Sen. Cory Booker and other New Jersey and New York lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday to require testing and treatment for operators of trains and trucks.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 28, 2017 from Daily Republic

CALmatters Commentary: Legislature muffs chance to improve children’s lives

California legislators had a rare opportunity this year to make a significant improvement in the lives of millions of children at little or no cost – and they muffed it. …Senate Bill 328, which would prohibit California’s middle and high schools from beginning classes before 8:30 a.m., passed the Senate but was overwhelmingly rejected by the Assembly just before it adjourned this month for the year.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 25, 2017 from

New tool reveals high cost of untreated sleep disorders in workplace

Costs attributable to sleep deficiency in the U.S. was estimated to exceed $410 billion in 2015, equivalent to 2.28 percent of the gross domestic product. …Analysis of existing data, using a new Fatigue Cost Calculator tool developed through the Sleep Matters Initiative at Brigham Health for the National Safety Council (NSC), reveal that a U.S. employer with 1,000 workers can lose about $1.4 million dollars each year in absenteeism, diminished productivity, healthcare costs, accidents and other occupational costs associated with exhausted employees, many of whom have undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorders.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 22, 2017 from Ask the Dentist

Tongue Ties: What Parents Need to Know

In the early years of my practice, few of my patients had ever heard of a tongue tie. When I pointed out that they or their children might be tongue tied, I was often the very first practitioner who’d mentioned it to them. …When I told them that a tongue tie might actually be the root cause of their oral myofunctional issues, or even their sleep apnea, I’m sure that some of them thought I was crazy.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 27, 2017 from Red Dirt Report

‘Baa Baa Land’ touted as most boring movie made, but could help insomniacs

Welcome to ‘Baa Baa Land,’ a movie about absolutely nothing except sheep. Not only does the movie not have dialogue, conflict, action scenes or even a chase scene, it’s also eight hours long. That’s right—eight hours of nothing but sheep laying about, grazing in a field, nursing their young or just standing around chewing cud.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 27, 2017 from Excelle Sports

Time for bed: Why sleep is the key to peak performance

According to [clinical psychologist Dr. Michael] Breus, an example of two sports which require different sleep needs are football and soccer. While both are primarily played in the fall season, a football player needs more sleep than a soccer player. Because there is a greater injury risk in football, a football player needs more recovery time and thus more sleep.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 27, 2017 from American Sleep Apnea Association

Spotlight on SHMAC: Nurses could help sleep disorder patients “connect the dots”

Robyn Woidtke thinks nurses could be a strong force for good in the effort to better identify, diagnose, and treat sleep disorders… if they were given a comprehensive, multidisciplinary education focused on sleep health. …However, like many physicians in medical school, nurses in training tend to receive minimal education in sleep health. They may receive only one or two hours of study in this subject during their entire academic career.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 25, 2017 from Times of San Diego

Septuagenarian Graduates College in Record Time—And With Honors

“ ‘I always wanted to go to school, but I had a sleep disorder. I could never stay awake in class. I could never get above a C,’ [Naomi] Roberson said. ‘I went to San Diego City College a couple of times, but I couldn’t stay awake. That problem wasn’t solved until I was 50 years old.’ …The problem, she said, was solved with the help of St. Paul’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, a free health care plan for local seniors.” … (click headline for more)


Dateline: September 27, 2017 from

Sleep Surgery Research at AAO-HNS 2017

[I]t has been exciting to see an expanding number of research presentations related to sleep surgery.  This year, the majority of research presentations at AAO-HNS [American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery] 2017 were related to drug-induced sleep endoscopy and Inspire Medical Systems’ Upper Airway Stimulation.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 25, 2017 from Kim Komando via South Bend Tribune

Using technology to get a good night’s rest

There is an entire branch of medical science, called polysomnography, that helps diagnose sleep disorders, and it’s hard to say whether a free app can rival a specialist’s advice. As researchers at the University of Washington’s report entitled, ‘Consumer Sleep Technologies: A Review of the Landscape’ put it: ‘These technologies have the potential to both improve and impair collective and individual sleep health depending on the method of implementation.’ In other words, the jury is still out. … Still, many people believe that the right technology can positively affect sleep patterns, especially when used in a thoughtful and methodical way.(click headline for more)


Dateline: September 25, 2017 from The Sun

What is seasonal affective disorder, what are the symptoms and is SAD different to depression?

There are lots of people who aren’t looking forward to the end of summer and the start of colder, shorter days, but this condition is a bit more serious than just some ‘winter blues.’ (click headline for more)


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