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Circadian rhythms in motion: A multimedia collection

eclipse time lapse from flickrWe’ve found some interesting multimedia links to share on the subject of circadian science. Take a look!

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December 30, 2016
 || Sleep Review Podcasts
Getting in Touch With Your Chronotype (Podcast with Transcript)


February 23, 2016
 || SelfHACKED Radio
Steven W. Fowkes on Acid-Alkaline, Sleep and Circadian Rhythms (Podcast with Transcript)


February 9, 2017 || Technophiles Podcast
Astronauts Get The Blues So We Can Sleep Better


February 11, 2017 || Jennifer Vendemia
Circadian Rhythm


November 23, 2016 || Tech Insider
The 3 Best Ways to Beat Jet Lag


May 1, 2016 || Mind Body Bowl
Tips for Avoiding Jet Lag


March 8, 2017 || Non-Negotiable Life
Seasonal Affective Disorder! – Dealing with SAD


February 19, 2017 || NHS Psychology
Circadian Rhythms (includes educational section on the infamous Cave Study)


February 26, 2017 || Mind Body Spirit
The Clock That Tells You It’s Lunchtime: How Fat Specific Circadian Rhythms Control Obesity: Youreka


February 23, 2017 || Exercising Health
How Blue Light is Affecting Your Biological Clock and Sleep (Circadian Rhythm)


November 11, 2016 || Autopedia


March 7, 2017 || Rested Development Sleep Consulting
The ‘Spring Forward’ Time Change – Schedule changes for baby


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