SHC launches second literary quarterly devoted to the circadian reset: RESET BUTTON

If you can't sleep this spring, you might need a circadian reset

Introducing Vitamin ZZZ, Spring 2018 edition, theme “RESET BUTTON.” Having trouble sleeping this spring? You might need a circadian reset. These poems and works of prose suggest ongoing problems with sleeplessness and insomnia.

Introducing Vitamin ZZZ, Spring 2018 edition, theme “RESET BUTTON.” From Daylight Saving Time disruptions to insomnia to circadian rhythm dysfunction, this collection of poems and personal prose captures the need to reset one’s sleep-wake rhythms in the spring.

Includes poetry, short prose, and artwork focusing on the problem of sleeplessness and the many (sometimes unusual) attempts we make to restore a normal sleep pattern.

Many thanks to Vitamin ZZZ’s generous contributors: Claire Bateman, Cathy Beres, Sarah Cooper, Margaret Fieland, Cynthia Gallaher, Judy Kronenberg, John Laue, Joan Moritz, Stephanie Rios-Vargas, and MS Rooney. Also, welcome back to writers Jacalyn Carley, Eileen Malone, and Christopher Soden, who also contributed to the first issue of Vitamin ZZZ back in February (“CLINICAL”). And a special gratitude goes out for those most stalwart sleep scribes whose work first appeared in our original effort last July: Larry Blazek, Marion Cohen, and Lois Marie Harrod.

Please read and share widely with anyone you know who has sleep problems, deals with others’ sleep problems, or works in the field of sleep medicine. THANK YOU FOR READING AND SHARING… ENJOY! ~ Curator Tamara Sellman

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