Check out our Women’s Sleep Health section!

New and improved for 2018!

If you’re a woman and you frequently wonder, “Why can’t I sleep?”, this page may be for you.

women's sleep healthSHC has been busy working behind the scenes to bring you the best-curated content on sleep health. Most recently we improved and expanded our Women’s Sleep Health page.

Found as a drop-down item under the HEALTH CONCERNS tab at the top of any page at SHC, this new version of our page devoted to women and sleep offers the following:

  • Reasons why women’s sleep health may be different from men’s sleep health
  • A breakout of the most common sleep disorders suffered by women
  • Previous original content about women’s sleep health already appearing in SHC
  • Sleep problems across a woman’s lifespan
  • An ongoing curation of the best links SHC can find on women’s sleep health topics (for 2018)

You can also find an opportunity to share your women’s sleep health story, question, or concern.

Bookmark this page if the topic regularly comes up in conversation with friends, spouses, sisters, mothers, daughters, or anyone else who may experience sleep problems unique to women.


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