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SleepyHeadCENTRAL now has a new dedicated voicemail Sleep Hotline for people who have questions about sleep health, hygiene, and disorders.


If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Welcome to our Sleep Health Hotline

This hotline is not attended. You will reach a recorded message, and will be prompted to leave your message at that time. The Sleep Health Hotline exists to gather questions and comments from readers and listeners to the multimedia content provided by SleepyHeadCENTRAL’s different media channels. 

Please leave comments and questions about sleep health, sleep hygiene, sleep disorders and sleep problems or feedback related to SHC’s blog, social media platforms, podcast, or other related content channels.

Questions and comments left on the hotline imply your permission for them to be shared in any of the SHC media properties. Leaving your name and contact information is optional.

If you wish a call back, please indicate so in your message; however, we cannot provide private healthcare consulting or diagnoses.

Call the Sleep Health Hotline when you have:

  • a concern about a sleep problem that is not urgent
  • a question about sleep habits, hygiene, or other best practices
  • a general question about sleep studies (we will not interpret individual sleep studies)
  • questions about PAP therapy (the machine, the mask, the settings, other concerns)
  • concerns about the sleep problems of loved ones (such as a spouse, roommate, children or senior loved one) (remember, we cannot diagnose but will provide useful general help)
  • questions or concerns about substances and their impact on sleep (caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, prescription drugs, drugstore and/or over-the counter medications, supplements) (remember, we cannot provide access to any of these in any form)
  • inquiries about specific sleep disorders
  • a story to share about your sleep disorder (a victory story, a story of struggle, a horror story)
  • tips and tricks to share with others who struggle with a sleep problem (thank you!)
  • comments, questions, suggestions or other feedback related to any of our sleep education channels (i.e. SleepyHeadCENTRAL website or blog, ZZZCast, Vitamin ZZZ literary magazine, SHC in social media, etc.)

For ordinary correspondence, please leave your message through our Contact page or send an email to

Profane, threatening, spammy, or marketing messages will be reported, blocked and/or ignored.

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