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Light exposure is the critical factor for keeping our circadian systems in balance.

The human circadian system has frequently been the subject of discussion here at SHC, and for good reason: it has a huge impact on the way we function overall. If you missed our previous discussions, don’t fret: we’ve laid them all out here. Enjoy and have a great weekend! 

AUGUST 19, 2016 || WHAT’S HAPPENING: Circadian rhythms and sleep

APRIL 4, 2016 || Don’t “break” good sleep habits during Spring Break

FEBRUARY 24, 2016 || How to avoid social jet lag

JANUARY 25, 2016 || Eat your melatonin

JANUARY 4, 2016 || Exercise during the light of day

AUGUST 13, 2015 || SLEEP STUFF: Light therapy

JUNE 17, 2015 || ABCs of SLEEP || E is for Entrainment

FEBRUARY 23, 2015 || What is light therapy and how can light actually help improve sleep?

FEBRUARY 16, 2015 || What about Melatonin, anyway? America’s favorite OTC sleep remedy may work… or not…

NOVEMBER 29, 2014 || Ask the Expert: Misconceptions about Circadian Rhythm Disorders

NOVEMBER 24, 2014 || Managing jet lag while traveling over the holiday

NOVEMBER 11, 2014 || SHED SOME LIGHT… on Non-24 Disorder

NOVEMBER 4, 2014 || Are insomnia and winter depression linked?

OCTOBER 13, 2014 || When naps set you up for a visit with the Insomnia Vampire

OCTOBER 7, 2014 || Rise time versus Bed time… which is better?

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 || Is Your Body Clock Broken? There’s Help For You

AUGUST 28, 2014 || Back to School: Have You Reset Your Kids’ Bedtimes?

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