A smart home can give you smart sleep

Maybe you don’t need a sleep app… maybe you should check out the new home tech that improves the bedroom environment


The robust sleep technology trend includes more than handheld gadgets and wearable devices. Check out these other ways you can incorporate sleep-tracking and -assisting tools (as well as products to enhance your daytime alertness) into your everyday life. They aren’t necessarily high technology, but they exist on the spectrum that comprises the new wave of sleep tech.

Please note that mentions of products in this curation do not employ their endorsement by SHC.

FEB 23 || WXYZ
3 gadgets to help make your home smell good
Aromatherapy has been found to be effective for relaxation. Why not incorporate a device that emits a fragrance that helps you fall asleep?

FEB 23 || Yahoo! Finance
This high-tech air purifier will help you sleep better
For those who struggle with allergies, asthma, and congestion, this is a nightstand option that could help them breathe easy again at bedtime.

FEB 22 || Flux Smart
News: 9 Lighting Mistakes That Are Holding Your Interior Design Hostage
Who knew that the way we light our homes can impact the way we function in its spaces?

FEB 21 || Stuff.co.nz
Decorating for a better night’s sleep
Lighting and window treatments should both beautify and assist in making a healthy sleep environment.

FEB 21 || Drug Store News
Clarion Brands offers solution to sleep-deprived suffering from tinnitus
This is an affordable noise machine option that might be useful if your ears ring constantly and keep you up at night.
Note: Article also discusses dietary supplements which SHC absolutely does not endorse).

FEB 20 || NPR’s Morning Edition
Mattress No Longer Relegated To Bottom Of Shopping List
Maybe it’s not that the technology in a bed makes it smart; maybe it’s just people getting smart by replacing their mattresses more frequently.

FEB 17 || Curbed
Dark timber house offers refuge for homeowner with sleep disorder
Forget the á lá carte approach to sleep technology: buy a home built specifically for better sleep.

FEB 15 || Dealerscope
PONS, Coming the End of February, is the Bed of the Future
Probably the most sleep-friendly thing about this bed is its proprietary top foam layer, which helps to keep you cool as you sleep.

FEB 14 || AOL News
Smart robot pillow aims to help improve your sleep — and it could be better than sleep medication
Still a prototype, but very intriguing!

FEB 13 || Small Biz Trends
Just as important to getting to sleep easily is rising with ease in the morning.

FEB 10 || Female First
What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping In Total Darkness?
This article makes the case for blackout window treatments.

FEB 10 || The New York Times
Light Bulbs That Help You Sleep
Think twice before buying expensive LED lights if you want to outfit your house… you don’t want to wreck your circadian rhythms.

FEB 8 || Triathlon Business
SMACK! Media beds down with ReST to target endurance athletes
Watch for more trends in high-performance sleep technology at every level devoted to high-level training for professional and competitive athletes.

Data-Driven Mattress Brand Wants To Rethink How We Sleep
Various bedroom products (to control lighting, adjust the room temperature, brew coffee or sync data with and activity tracker) have been integrated into this smart mattress.

FEB 6 || Tom’s Guide
Light Bulbs That Help You Sleep
Alarm clocks have risen to the intelligent design challenge.

FEB 3 || CCT News
The Bed Which Monitors You While You Sleep For Maximum Quality Of Sleep
Sleep Number expands its technology to include snoring and position monitors.

FEB 2 || Buzzfeed
How many startups does it take to change a lightbulb?
Understanding not only the value of specific kinds of light is not enough. This feature spotlights designers trying to implement new ways of lighting to improve our spaces.

FEB 2017 || Indiegogo
CLAIR-S: The all-in-one companion for better sleep
The crowdfunding campaign just launched this month for the Korean-based product featuring an air purifier, Bluetooth speaker, noise machine and alarm clock with app to improve sleep quality.

JAN 11 || MedicalDaily
5 Myths And Facts About Light Therapy: This Bright Treatment’s Effect On Your Brain
Light therapy (phototherapy) isn’t exactly new, but it definitely qualifies as a kind of personal sleep technology which can either address your daytime sleepiness or assist you in falling asleep better at night (by design, using filters and timers). Light therapy is also the way many people with circadian rhythm disorders reset their sleep wake cycles.

NOV 26, 2016 || Collective-Evolution
Why you should sleep with a weighted blanket
Seems like this could be a very useful option for people with insomnia and bedtime anxiety. Not all technology needs to be high tech to be effective

OCT 20, 2016 || The Sleep Zone
Travel easy with a CPAP pillow
This pillow (and others like it) makes a space allowance for side sleeping to improve comfort for those who use CPAP.

SEPT 20, 2016 || Sleep Review
Sound Therapy May Balance Brain Signals to Improve Insomnia, Migraines, More
Though this technology is not “ready for prime time,” it might be something investors will turn into a consumer option.

JUL 8, 2016 || Business Insider
These tech gadgets could make getting to sleep at night a little easier
While the article features a wearable and an app, they also include a wake-up light, a sleep-tracking pillow clip, and a white noise machine.

MAY 23, 2016 || Huffington Post Sleep+Wellness
How the Right Bedroom Setup Can Help You Sleep Better
Intentional living means thinking about how your sleeping space is set up and using a combination of hardware and technology to make it the ultimate place to get your Zzz.

MAY 17, 2016 || Huffington Post Canada
How To Organize Your Bedroom For Better Sleep
Tidying your bedroom is not really a domestic concern, but a health concern. Learning ways to improve the cleanliness and mental order of your bedroom can be just as intelligent (maybe even smarter than) using an app or a wearable.

APR 14, 2016 || News.com.au
Can a smart bed actually improve your sleep?
Maybe, says this product reviewer after a couple of nights trying out a new smart mattress technology.

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