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Wellness Wednesday: Time to reset the kids’ sleep schedules

If your kids' sleep schedules haven't changed to accommodate the back to school season, beware the rocky transition ahead.

If you can help your kids’ sleep schedules as they transition back to school, it can make a difference. Strict bedtimes for young ones is called for; advice to university coeds for managing sleep without the confines of family habits can also be useful.

From (Denver): Easing into back to school sleep schedules:

“The back to school season is among us, bringing new routines and schedules with it. 9NEWS medical expert Dr. Comilla Sasson has some tips on getting back on track.”

Check out these 14 links to kids sleep schedules as the school year returns, first appearing here in SHC:

Wellness Wednesday: Time to reset the kids’ sleep schedules

Have you already started helping your kids transition to a school-friendly sleep schedule?

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