Sleep News

Sleep deprivation practically guarantees a fast forward to poor mental health

Start with sleep health if you want to improve your mental health.

poor sleep can lead to a multitude of mental health problems

From Diane Roberts Stoler EdD—“Restorative Sleep Is Vital to Brain Health,” Psychology Today, April 6, 2017:

“Sleep disturbances can cause issues related to memory and thinking, mood problems such as depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

“The two most common types of sleep problems that occur after a concussion are insomnia, the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep, and hypersomnia, the need for excessive amounts of sleep or inability to stay awake.

“There is also sleep/wake cycle disturbances, an issue regarding a person’s internal clock that regulates periods of sleep and wakefulness, as well as parasomnias, or motor problems such as night terrors, nightmares, and occasional leg kicking.”

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