Sleep News

Here’s a racing thought for you: April is National Stress Awareness Month (with solutions)

If racing thoughts are keeping you from falling asleep, you need to find ways to manage your stress. Here are a few ideas.



icon header MANTRA

Repeat a positive word or phrase over and over again. Can be used with a rosary or mala, if that helps.

icon header JOURNALKeep a worry journal at your bed’s side to capture all that is bothering you on the page. Alternately, write about good things that happened to you or that you are grateful for.

icon header BREATHETake in a deep breath, counting to 4 as you go. Hold it for 4 counts. Slowly release it for 4 counts. Repeat until you are asleep. Change your count to any number that works best.

icon header BATHE

It is hard to take up extra energy to process worrying thoughts if your body is already slipping into stages of relaxation.

icon header LISTEN

People with ringing ears swear by this. Give your brain something pleasant and relaxing to connect with; focus on the sound until you fall asleep. Soft topic podcasts work, too.

icon header READ

It’s difficult to have racing thoughts if your mind is wrapped up in reading and comprehension. Choose lighthearted content; use blue-light filters or soft yellow light.

icon header DAYDREAM

Direct racing thoughts by asking yourself a focus question, such as “What would my dream bedroom look like?”, “What names would I give my friends’ kids?”, or “How many breeds of dogs can I name?”

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