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The vernal equinox: Welcome to Nature’s standard time

Instead of artificially changing our clocks, we could just let our bodies naturally adjust as the equinox approaches…


Excerpt from a classic essay on circadian rhythms from “Modern Life Suppresses An Ancient Body Rhythm” (The New York Times, March 14, 1995):

“AS the vernal equinox advances, and the sun lingers in the sky a bit longer each day, and the buds poke forth like babies’ fists from every barren twig, even urbanites may feel the pagan craving to revel in seasonal rhythms.

“After all, the lengthening of the day and the warming of the air exert a tremendous influence on virtually every other life form, inspiring migrations, ending hibernations, inciting growth and exciting lust. Surely humans, too, must be prey to the power of the seasons, the return of light and the chastening of night. Surely people’s innate circadian clocks must react to the return of spring, resetting themselves to keep pace with the extra daytime hours.”

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