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Has sleep deprivation gone off the rails?

Commuter rail crashes in Hoboken and Brooklyn in the past year have been caused by conductors who aren’t treating their sleep apnea.

hoboken-train-derailmentThere have been far too many train crashes this year. What’s up with that?

Sleep deprivation is what’s up with some of them. Sleep deprivation caused by untreated, undiagnosed, and/or uncontrolled sleep apnea.

SHC has pulled this selection from DOZENS of reports about train crashes to help readers understand that their railway commutes are only as safe as the conductors who operate them.

HOBOKEN, NJ CRASH (September 29, 2016)

Nov 17, 2016 ||
Hoboken Train Crash: Engineer Had Sleep Apnea, Attorney Says

Nov 18, 2016 ||
Senators seek better apnea screening

Dec 2, 2016 || CBS News
Feds want all passenger train operators tested for sleep apnea

BROOKLYN, NY CRASH (January 4, 2017)

Jan 6, 2017 || LOHUD
Brooklyn train accident: Sleep apnea again?

Jan 7, 2017 || Newsday
Engineer’s sleep, texts, diet to be scrutinized in LIRR crash

Jan 8, 2017 || Senator Charles E. Schumer
Schumer: Amidst yet another derailment, critical safety standards still off track and stuck in bureaucracy

Jan 12, 2017 || Sleep Junkies
Sleep apnea linked to third New York train crash in 3 years

In other train crash news…

Dec 2, 2016 || New York Daily News
2013 Spuyten Duyvil crash: Engineer blamed in deadly 2013 Metro-North derailment sues commuter rail line for $10M

Dec 5, 2016 || Railway Age
FRA Safety Advisory: More cameras, operational testing, radio communications and sleep apnea testing

Jan 25, 2017 || ABC 7 NY
2013 Spuyten Duyvil crash: MTA rolls out sleep apnea testing system-wide

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