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Need a ride? Make sure the driver isn’t sleep deprived


The title advice can be applied to just about anybody you know. Is it a friend or family member giving you a lift from point A to point B? Your carpool or vanpool driver? It’s never impolite to ask about their ability to stay alert about driving; you could be preventing an accident. But what about commercial drivers for hire?


Services like Lyft and Uber must, and do, make driver fatigue a priority.

Cabs, taxis, limousines, and other traditional drivers for hire

Uber may be popular, but conventional hired transportation is still a preferred choice among those who need frequent trips across town, to or from an airport, or between venues while traveling.

It’s not safe to assume that, because these transport services are run by professionals, their drivers have good sleep health. Their drivers, like all human beings, can be affected just as much by sleep disorders, restrictions to sleep caused by job duties, and stress.

Buses (private and public)

Public and private transportation in the form of buses has its share of tragic stories to tell, as well. Here is just a tiny sample of what’s crossed SHC’s digital desk over the last year:

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