10 days left to submit to the new Vitamin Zzz anthology!

Vitamin Zzz submission guidelines for our upcoming Winter 2018 edition!

Manuscript submissions for the Vitamin Zzz anthology should come from people seeking to share sleep health information or personal experiences with diagnosed sleep disorders or related problems, people suffering from unexplained or undiagnosed sleep disorders, and caregivers concerned about the sleep disorders and problems of their patients.

All perspectives are sought and welcomed: humorous, clinical, personal, spiritual, political, fantastic, familial, experimental.

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Deadline for Winter Edition: December 31, 2017

SLEEPYHEADCENTRAL seeks submissions for its VitaminZzz anthology, a provocative new quarterly publication online devoted to readers interested in sleep health from a literary perspective.

SHC is looking for creative writing on sleep health, sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, sleep habits, dreams… anything directly correlated with the biological process of sleep.

Writers may submit the following:

  • flash fiction (under 1000 words)
  • poetry (free verse, formal, prose poems)
  • personal essays (under 2000 words)
  • creative nonfiction (under 2000 words)

Only the highest quality literary writing should be submitted.

HINT! We could really use more prose pieces in general (prose poems, flash fictions, personal essays or creative nonfiction). We would also love to see more work focused on the topic of sleep disorders, such as sleepwalking, sleep apnea, circadian rhythm problems, daytime sleepiness, shift work disorder, or other problems… even those related to a second health condition, such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes. We have quite a few pieces focused on insomnia, but sleep deprivation or problems with being a night owl or an early bird are intriguing to us, too.

For complete guidelines to the Vitamin Zzz anthology, visit the submission guidelines page.

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